Buying a new puppy of any breed can be an exciting event, sometime so
  exciting that we forget all things but that adorable little face looking at us.
  The fact that there could be problems popping up in the future seems to
  just float on by without notice, that face is so innocent, so loving.
  And the very sad fact is that there are breeders out there that feed on 
  that very emotion, hoping that you will be so taken in by that adorable
  face that you will forget all about asking any questions.  Mind you not all
  breeders are like that but, I want you to be aware that there are some.

  It is for this reason that I want to give you an idea of questions you might
  want to ask any breeder you are thinking of doing business with.  This is
  not only for your safety and peace of mind but also for the puppy that
  could end up suffering from the breeders short comings.
  An honest breeder that is proud of their breed will be more than happy to
  answer questions for you and supply you with any information you 
  might need.  The following are just a few questions that you might ask, 
  you can use these as a guide and if you should think of any others you
  may like to add just write them down as you think of them so you don't 
  forget them.

1.   What do you look for when you are selecting your Dam and Sire for breeding?
      ( for example the sire may help to correct a flaw that the dam may have or the other way around)
2.   What characteristics do you look for in selecting your breed/Yorkshire?
3.   Where are your puppies born? ( in the home, kennel  etc. )
4.   Do you own both parents? ( if yes ask if you can see them )
5.   How often do you breed your females? ( do they give them a break or breed repeatedly )
6.   What are the health issues that can affect your breed/Yorkshire? 
       ( in Yorkshires such as Liver shunts, bad patelas can be two types of problems)
7.   What shots and worming do your puppies get?
8.   What health guarantees do you provide?
9.   Request a copy of the pedigree for both parents.
10. Do you have a contract? ( ask for a copy of this before you send any money )
11. What are your requirements for registration? ( limited, full, joint, kennel name, etc)
12. Do you do temperament testing on your puppies?
     It is my hope that these questions will at least give you an idea of the type 
     of information needed to make a wise decision in choosing your next pet,
     no matter the breed.  Not only will a good breeder be happy to answer your
     questions but, they will have questions to ask of you as well.
     They want to be as sure their puppies are going to loving knowledgeable homes. 
     Try not to take offense to these questions as they will in the long run help the
     breeder to help you in making the right choice.  
     After all we are all looking for the same outcome 
                              "A Happy, Healthy, Well adjusted puppy.